Adding Liquidity and Farming on NerveSwap

How to add liquidity & LP farming on NerveSwap

We have deployed some LP farming pools on NerveSwap where our users can stake NULS-NVT LP to earn NABOX and NULS-EHT LP to earn EHT. But considering that some users are not experienced well enough in DeFi field, here goes this article guide, which we hope can be a useful educational material on your DeFi journey!

In our previous Medium article we discussed how to add liquidity using Nabox wallet (plug-in). This article will summarize how to add NULS-NVT LP and Farm on NerveSwap using Nabox mobile app.

Make sure you do the following before you provide liquidity:

Note: you will be asked to generate an L2 address for authorization for the first time entering.

This article will demonstrate in the following orders:

  1. How to provide liquidity. (NULS-NVT LP)
  2. How to stake LP on NerveFarm.
  3. How to unstake from NerveFarm.
  4. Remove liquidity.

1. Provide liquidity for NVT and NULS

After generating L2 address:

After successfully adding liquidity, your NULS-NVT LP will be seen on the “liquidity” page.

2. How to stake NULS-NVT LP on NerveFarm to earn tokens?

With the liquidity you provide (NULS-NVT LP), you can stake them in NerveFarm to earn free tokens! Here is how:

Till now, you have already staked your NULS-NVT LP in the farming pool, you can harvest the earnings when you want to. To be noted is that there is a fee you need to pay for every harvest.

3. How to unstake LP from NerveFarm

After LP withdrawn from the Farming pools, your NULS-NVT LP will not be remove from the liquidity pool instantly unless you manually remove them.

4. Remove Liquidity:

Assets will be displayed on NerveChain (NULS & NVT) after your remove the liquidity.

There are currently 2 farming pools available on NerveFarm, which are NULS-EHT (earn EHT)and NULS-NVT(earn NVT). We will deploye more pools in the soon future!



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