Announcement: We’ve updated NerveNetwork to Version 1.3.0

About the V1.3.0 version updating

  1. ETH chain assets cross-chain withdrawal service fee: Decreased the ETH from 100NVT to 10NVT.
  2. Decreased the minimum amount for staking from 10,000 NVT to 1,000 NVT.
  3. Decreased the minimum amount for adding and withdrawal node deposit from 20000NVT to 2000NVT.
  4. The unlocking time for NVT to staking withdrawal is 7 days.
  5. Supporting the functions such as staking batch withdrawal, batch consolidation of immediate staking, batch immediate transfer, and batches of immediate staking transfer.
  6. Optimize the DEX operation process.
  7. Adding the price feed function of USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC.
  8. Supporting USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC immediate staking ( the maximum amount of all the stable coins is 2 million).




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