Announcement: We’ve updated NerveNetwork to Version 1.3.0

Dear NerveNetwork community members,

we are thrilled to announce that a new version of the amount of the node staking adjustment and service fee adjustment has been officially released.

This version also provides support for USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC immediate staking functions, which will provide more choices for stakers. The new function will take effect at the block height of 2,260,000.

In order to ensure the stable operation of the network, all NerveNetwork node owners are requested to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

About the V1.3.0 version updating

  1. ETH chain assets cross-chain withdrawal service fee: Decreased the ETH from 100NVT to 10NVT.
  2. Decreased the minimum amount for staking from 10,000 NVT to 1,000 NVT.
  3. Decreased the minimum amount for adding and withdrawal node deposit from 20000NVT to 2000NVT.
  4. The unlocking time for NVT to staking withdrawal is 7 days.
  5. Supporting the functions such as staking batch withdrawal, batch consolidation of immediate staking, batch immediate transfer, and batches of immediate staking transfer.
  6. Optimize the DEX operation process.
  7. Adding the price feed function of USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC.
  8. Supporting USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC immediate staking ( the maximum amount of all the stable coins is 2 million).


Github issue submit:

Community users may join the official discord to ask questions and make suggestions. The technical community will try their best to answer as soon as possible. Because NerveNetwork is a global community with time differences across regions, we ask for your patience and understanding while we try to respond to every question in a timely manner.




Decentralized digital asset service network.

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Decentralized digital asset service network.

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