Crosschain Integration to Metis network is now completed

NerveNetwork is in partnership with Metis as NerveNetwork has joined the Metis ecosystem as a cross-chain infrastructure. NerveNetwork will provide cross-chain support for the projects on the Metis chain to interact with other blockchains. And we, the Nerve team, will import and deploy more blockchain projects on the Metis network in the future.

At present, we have completed the following regarding this cross-chain integration

About Metis

Metis is an open protocol and the Metis Andromeda network is open to any developer or team that wants to launch a DApp, token, or any other kind of project on our EVM-Equivalent platform. Some of these projects may also choose to incorporate the Metis name into their own. However, Metis does not support or endorse any of these DApps, tokens, or projects, unless specifically indicated by MetisLabs Foundation and its team members.

About NerveNetwork

Nerve is a decentralized digital asset network, based on the NULS service framework. Nerve uses the blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol developed and built using the NULS-ChainBox. Nerve aims to break the isolation of the single blockchain, enable asset exchange with cross-chain, and provide the support that is needed for Defi applications. NerveNetwork provides a better, safer, and low-cost Defi application service for all digital asset holders.



Decentralized digital asset service network.

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