Liquidity mining on Nerve Main-net is now available

Stake LP tokens on Nerve mainnet to earn NVT by adding liquidity on TakerSwap

NerveNetwork had a major update just a couple of days ago, which brought some new features to the Nerve ecosystem. One of the greatest change is that now you can stake LP on Nerve mainnet earning NVT!

There are 4 LPs that are supported to stake in Nerve mainnet, which are NVT_USDTN_LP、NVT-ETH_LP、NVT_BNB_LP、NVT_NULS_LP.

Start to stake in two Steps

  1. Add liquidity on TakerSwap DApp to get LP tokens.
  2. Stake these LP tokens in Nerve mainnet.

We will demonstrate how to do this on Nabox.

Log into Nabox Wallet (Download

→ switch to the corresponding wallet address

→ Click “Discover”

→ Search “TakerSwap“(

→ Click “Layer2”

→ Click “+” to add BNB

→ Confirm

Transfer BNB from BSC to NerveNetwork.

→Choose asset (BNB)

→Layer1 to Layer2

→Choose the amount of BNB to transfer


You will be able to add liquidity once your BNB and NVT both cross-chained to Layer2 (NerveNetwork)

→Click “Liquidity”

→Add Liquidity

→Select “asset” (NVT)

→Choose amount

→Select “asset” (BNB)

→Choose amount


Congratulations, you have now added liquidity on TakerSwap.

You can now go stake these LPs on NerveNetwork!

Stake BNB-NVT LP on Nerve page wallet.

Go to, log in your Nerve account, you can either import keystone or private key.

  1. Go to “Account”

→Enter asset list

→Choose “NVT-BNB LP”


2. Go to “Stake”

→Stake For Reward

→Choose assets


→Select duration

→Choose amount


You have now successfully staked your BNB-NVT LP! The rewards will be generated 24 hours later after staking and it will be distributed to your Nerve account on 00:00 (UTC) daily.




Decentralized digital asset service network.

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Decentralized digital asset service network.

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