Nerve 2.0 Beta is Now Launched

3 min readFeb 15, 2022


We are excited to announce that Nerve 2.0 Beta is now released, you can now experience the new features on

Nerve 2.0 provides more services in terms of its product line.

First of all, NerveNetwork blockchain is a completely gas-free network with fast block conformation which only costs 2s, meanwhile we are also optimizing the Nerve products regarding many aspects. We are hoping to receive your suggestions and feedback by inviting you to experience the Nerve 2.0 beta. This article will summarize a few practical features.

1. Assets Management across chains

Manage your assets in NerveNetwork. With the new UI and new features, cross-chain assets management becomes much easier. Simply connect to your WEB 3 wallet, one Nerve wallet, using multi-signature that boost up your wallet security level. Multi-sig is a perfect solution for public assets management as one wallet is owned by multi-parties.

Crosschain transfer-in — Transfer from other blockchains to NerveNetwork.
In-chain transaction — Transfer between paralle blockchain
Crosschain transfer-out — Transfer from NerveNetwork to other blockchains

2. Swap and cross-chain swap — AMA protocol integrated in NerveNetwork underlying module

NerveNetwork supports multi chain smart routes, you can add liquidity here using assets from different blockchains and use cross-chain swap feature.

3. Create a farming pool

This is a very user-friendly feature. Generally speaking, deploying a contract is required to create a farming pool on other blockchains, but you can create one on Nerve in just a few clicks.

4. Mainnet Consensus Staking

You will be able to stake in Nerve mainnet consensus or become one of the mainnet node owners if you are a holder of NVT and other NVT LPs. Total value locked in consensus has reached to $10,000,000 as Nerve mainnet has been functioning steady over the last 2 years. Stake LPs on Nerve mainnet gives 77% APR returns, which is 10x more than only staking NVT.

5. NerveBridge — Cross-chain bridge

NerveBridge is a cross chain bridge that has connected 8 main-stream blockchain networks, the number is still counting. With NerveBridge you can manage your assets across chains and start transactions with fast confirmation. On the other hand, cross chain swap pools are no longer needed, projects can reach more chains and gain more users as the bridge connections are built.

This is a beta version of the Nerve 2.0, more functions and features will be updated as we are constantly optimizing our products. If you have any suggestions and feedback about our products, we are happy if you can submit them to us.

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