Nerve Main-net Staking Supported USDCN-NVT LP

Stake USDCN-NVT LP to Earn NVT on Nerve Main-net

3 min readNov 27, 2023

In the latest NerveNetwork mainnet update v1.29.0, we added USDCN-NVT LP as a supported assets on Nerve consensus staking. This article will demonstrate the exact steps using Nabox Wallet:

Step1/ How to swap USDC assets to USDCN(Nerve) from supported networks.

Step2/ How to obtain NVT assets in NerveNetwork.

Step3/ How to create USDCN-NVT LP on NerveSwap.

Step4/ How to stake USDCN-NVT LP to earn NVT.

Step1/ Get USDC assets from multichains to USDCN(Nerve)

  • Visiting SwapBox’s Liquidity function
  • Search “USDC” assets.
  • Go to “Deposit”. “Deposit” feature allows you to transfer USDC from supported blockchain to NerveNetwork, in the demonstration, we are depositing USDC from Linea Network to NerveNetwork. “Withdraw” allows you to send the assets back to the original blockchain.
  • Select “Nerve” as the receiving network, click approve.
  • Wait 2–3 minutes for the transaction to confirm.

Step2/ Obtain NVT assets in NerveNetwork

You can get NVT assets using SwapBox as well! Currently, you can purchase NVT token using multichain USDT on SwapBox. The supported networks include: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimisim, Polygon, Linea, etc.

The following example uses USDT(Linea) to purchase NVT(NerveNetwork).

Make sure the receiving NerveNetwork address and the address that you use to add LP token are the same.

Click “Next” to confirm, and wait for 2–3 minuts for the transaction to process.

Step3/ How to create USDCN-NVT LP on NerveSwap

In the step1 and step2, we have successfully prepared USDCN and NVT assets in NerveNetwork. Let’s now proceed to add liquidity for them!

  • Select “NVT” and “USDCN”.
  • Enter the amount of “NVT”, the AMM protocol will automatically calculate the “USDCN” amount that is needed to form the LP. The value of two provided token are the same.
  • Click “Confirm” to supply liquidity.
  • Your share of the pool will be displayed in “Your Liquidity”

Step4/ How to stake USDCN-NVT LP to earn NVT

  • Click “Stake for rewards”
  • Slect “Assest” — Select “Duration” — Type “Amount”.
  • Confirm.
  • Find your staking info at the consensus page, you can also withdraw your USDCN-NVT LP here by clicking the “”Withdraw” button.

Congratulations, you have now successfully obtained the acknowledge to stake! What should be noted is that the staking APR that Nerve consensus provides doesn’t drop as the liquidity increases, you always earn a 32.27% APR in this farm. Happy staking!

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