NerveNetwork Joins REI Network as a Graph Validator

2 min readSep 6, 2023

We‘re thrilled to announce that NerveNetwork is now officially a Graph validator of REI Network, this course of movement is another step forward after NerveNetwork integrated REI Network on 27th June, and will enhance the connection between NerveNetwork and REI Network, allowing more collaboration opportunities to take places in both communities!

Being a validator of REI Network allows NerveNetwork to:

  • Participate in the REI Network Security

Blockchain nodes help maintain the security and decentralization of the network. By joining REI Network, Nerve is now here to assist in verifying and recording transactions, reducing the risk of malicious activity.

  • Receiving incentive as a validator

In REI Network, the Graph nodes validators can earn rewards by securing the blockchain. The rewards are typically distributed in the form of network token ($REI), becoming a node will generate yield financial returns to NerveNetwork.

How will the incentives be spent?

NerveNetwork is committed to distributing the nodes incentives to the community through liquidity farming on NerveSwap. The generated incentive will be extracted from REI Network mainnet on a monthly basis.

  • Participate in REI Network Governance

REI DAO is a decentralized governance community, a manifestation of the REI Network blockchain spirit of being more decentralized, open and transparent in its governance model, and returning governance to each $REI holder.

The networks allow node validators to participate in network governance and decision-making processes, including proposing and voting on upgrade proposals.

About REI Network

REI Network was developed to better adapt to the development trend of the blockchain, and to achieve a lightweight, Ethereum compatible, higher performance, and no fee blockchain framework.

About NerveNetwork

NerveNetwork is a globalized project driven by worldwide communities. For questions and suggestions you can join our official channel, we will assist you with the latest tech support.