NerveNetwork Main-Net Supports ETH and BNB Liquidity Cross-Chain Mining

We have added the following assets to NerveNetwork to participate in cross-chain staking:

  • NVT-BNB Cake-LP

This will promote NerveNetwork cross-chain scenarios and the liquidity of NVT assets.

The reward for the first 30 days:

  • Participation in the main-net stake weight: 30 times
  • Annualized rate of return: 300%

After 30 days, the reward weight reduces to:

  • Participation in the main-net stake weight: 5 times
  • Annualized rate of return: approximately 50%

This is an economic model of sustainable development based on our research. It uses the output of main network blocks to reward liquidity and realize cross-chain liquidity mining.

Staking combines cross-chain liquidity mining and reward liquidity. This is the advantage under the existing economic model of the public chain. This innovative move in the development process of DeFi should bring momentum to the NerveNetwork project.

Important Notes

1. All blockchain operations are final. Please save the private key in a secure place to avoid theft and loss. You will need the private key later to retrieve your assets.

2. Liquidity mining may bring unpredictable losses. Please be sure to understand the rules and principles of liquidity mining before participating.

3. Please always check the NVT cross-chain asset contract address to avoid losses.


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