NerveNetwork Mainnet Supports Zero Gas Fees for Cross-Chain Transactions

Since the NerveNetwork mainnet upgrade version to 1.10.0, the bottom layer supports zero-cost fees (no fees) to send transactions across network chains.

This upgrade has lowered the threshold for the use of NerveNetwork’s cross-chain routes and NerveDEX.

Some examples are offered to illuminate.

Scenario One

Alice wants to transfer 1000 BUSD from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to her BUSD address on NerveDEX.

This is a cross-chain transfer

Her Nerve wallet can hold BUSD assets directly. And her Nerve address can receive assets directly from the BSC network without Nerve gas fee charges.

Once transferred in, she can trade her BUSD tokens directly on NerveDEX. No NVT tokens are needed to trade. No token conversions are necessary. Alice can swap for other coins with available trading pairs without paying Nerve NVT gas or network fees.

Scenario Two

Bob forgot it was his friend Alice’s birthday. In a last-minute rush, he decides to give her some crypto. Bob wants to transfer 100 HT from his Heco account (Huobi Eco Chain) to Alice as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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Bob’s steps

1. Bob transfers the 100 HT from his Heco account to his Nerve account. The Heco account cross-chains to NerveNetwork.

2. Once the 100 HT are in his Nerve Wallet, Bob transfers from his Nerve account to Alice’s Nerve account without any handling fees.

3. Alice receives the transfer from Bob within a few seconds, as well as the transaction confirmation.

Bob encounters no fees during this process. The two celebrate by spending the savings on dinner for two.

Scenario Three

Alice is tired of being left behind and wants to join her friends in staking on the Heco smart chain network. To get her assets from BSC to Heco, she first creates an account on the Heco chain (Huobi Eco Chain).

  • Alice will need to have BNB Tokens in her account on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for the BSC gas fees.
  • There is are no NerveNetwork fees in this transaction.

She cross-chains her token assets from the BSC to NerveNetwork. From Nerve, she moves her assets to a Heco address on Heco. Now she too can participate in Heco liquidity mining.

Another example

Bob withdraws 1000 NULS to participate in PancakeSwap liquidity. His fees to go from NerveNetwork to the Binance Smart Chain are zero. However, Bob will need some BNB tokens for BSC network gas fees.

And so On

Blockchain adoption until now has more complicated than the average user wants to deal with. Perhaps this is one of the reasons blockchain and cryptocurrency have not yet been used extensively by the public.

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Anyone can understand how desirable a blockchain network with no gas fees, high performance, and second-level confirmation is.

Now, you can use Nerve Wallet and NerveDEX to experience the zero-fee cross-chaining. Welcome to the future of blockchain!

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