NerveNetwork Upgrading to V1.7.0

Dear NerveNetwork Community,

In order to promote the application of NerveNetwork cross-chain scenarios and the liquidity of NVT assets, we added NVT-ETH UNI-V2-LP / NVT-BNB Cake-LP assets to participate in the main network cross-chain stake.

The new features will take effect at 8:00 (UTC + 8) on December 14.

The reward weights for the first 30 days of the initial period are:
- Participate in the main network stake weight: 30 times
- The annualized rate of return is approximately: 300%

After 30 days, the reward weight is reduced:
- Participate in the main network Stake weight: 5 times
- The annualized rate of return is about: 50%

We’ll provide more information once the features take effect next week.

December 11, 2020

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