NerveNetwork will be supporting EthereumPoW mainnet soon

2 min readJan 3, 2023

NerveNetwork has partnered with EthereumPoW. NerveNetwork is committed to providing cross-chain support for its ecosystem projects and users to interact with other blockchains supported by NerveNetwork

We will complete the following for EthereumPoW regarding this cross-chain integration:

  • The Kava Network cross-chain module will be added to NerveNetwork to support EthereumPoW
  • cross-chain protocol. The NerveNetwork decentralized cross-chain smart contract will be deployed in EthereumPoW
  • NerveNetwork will support Kava ecosystem assets to cross-chain to NerveNetwork and other 18 supported blockchains. All transactions of assets from EthereumPoW in the NerveNetwork are completely free of gas fees
  • NerveNetwork will support all EthereumPoW assets to create liquidity pairs on NerveSwap.
  • NerveNetwork will support all EthereumPoW assets to create farming pools on NerveFarm.
  • The Nerve explorer will support cross-chain asset inquiry of the EthereumPoW assets.
  • The NerveBridge cross-chain DApp will support all EthereumPoW assets to achieve cross-chain interaction. Currently, NerveNetwork already works with Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OKX, Polygon, Cronos, Harmony, Tron, KCC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, Metis, Klaytn, SmartBCH, IoTeX, NULS.

About EthereumPoW

PoW Ethereum is a forked version of the Ethereum blockchain created after the Merge of the execution and consensus layers.

About NerveNetwork

NerveNetwork is a decentralized digital asset network, based on the NULS service framework. Nerve uses the blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol developed and built using the NULS-ChainBox. Nerve aims to break the isolation of the single blockchain, enable asset exchange with cross-chain, and provide the support that is needed for Defi applications. NerveNetwork provides a better, safer, and low-cost Defi application service for all digital asset holders.

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