NULS to Integrate Chainlink to Empower NULS/Nerve Developers to Build Next-Generation DeFi Applications

The Importance of Secure Oracles

Combining Chainlink and NULS to Create New Smart Contract Use Cases

  • Check a specific stock/coin price at a specific time, which is then used to trigger a blockchain transaction or payment.
  • Wait for the results of a horse, auto, or other race in order to determine how to payout winners.
  • Track when cars cross a certain bridge using IoT sensors, which then triggers a smart contract toll payment to the bridge owner.
  • Reference grocery prices before executing an automated grocery order for a family via a smart contract.
  • Build automated travel arrangements that lock in reservations when certain price points are found.

“We have selected Chainlink as our primary oracle solution due to the decentralized security, high-quality data, and long-term viability of its network, serving as a reliable technology for securing user funds held within smart contracts. Through Chainlink Price Feeds and its various other oracle services, Nerve can begin to support a robust DeFi ecosystem on NULS, as well as launching support for other use case verticals like NFTs, gaming, and more,” said Mario Blacutt (Berzeck), NULS core developer and Nerve Network founder.

About NULS And Nerve

About Chainlink

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