NVT_05 Options Certificates Exercised and Rewards Sent

The NVT_05 option certificates expired on April 21.

We have airdropped the rewards to all NVT_05 options holders.

NVT_05 options will be repurchased on NerveDEX in accordance with the option rules at the price of 0.25 USDT.

Locking address: NERVEepb695kNJn5U9zKfduP9zcJHryFv6sYUv

Total rewards: 65,742 NVTs

The ratio of airdrop rewards: 0.0657 NVT / NVT_05

— NerveNetwork Team

April 23, 2021




Decentralized digital asset service network.

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Decentralized digital asset service network.

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